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TechCrunch: Facebook accused of contradicting itself on claims about platform policy violations

Prepare your best * unsurprised face *: Facebook  is being accused of contradicting itself in separate testimonies made on both sides of the Atlantic. The chair of a U.K. parliamentary committee that spent the lion’s share of last year investigating online disinformation, going on to grill multiple Facebook execs as part of an enquiry that coincided with […]

BBC News: WW1 - MPs praise impact of centenary celebrations in NI

Placing men dressed as British soldiers in Belfast to commemorate World War One carried "huge risks" that were worth taking. That was the finding of a Westminster committee report looking into lessons from centenary events. The memorial project called 'we're here because we're here' was found to be ultimately "hugely successful". The report was published by the […]

The Sun: Senior MPs tell police to drop their threats to journalists over leaking memos after US ambassador scandal

The powerful boss of Parliament’s media committee has demanded the Met formally withdraws the chilling threat to prosecute journalists for reporting the contest of secret memos. Speaking to The Sun, Damian Collins also called for Scotland Yard to issue a fresh statement to reassure newspapers that they are free to report leaked documents. And the chairman […]

The Telegraph: Video game 'loot boxes' as bad as roulette wheels, MPs warn

Video game 'loot boxes' are as bad as roulette wheels and are encouraging children to gamble, MPs have said. Members of the Culture Select Committee accused the Government of being “complacent” over the features, which they said were exposing children "to all the emotions of gambling". In an at times tense hearing, digital minister Margot James told […]

The Guardian: Fine people who refuse to give evidence, says Damian Collins MP

Witnesses who refuse to give evidence before parliament could be fined or face a “real-world sanction” in the future, a select committee chair has warned. Writing in the Observer days after the presenter Jeremy Kyle chose not to appear before his committee’s inquiry into reality television, Damian Collins, the Conservative MP for Folkestone and Hythe, says new powers are […]

BBC News: Jeremy Kyle Show - MPs criticise 'irresponsible' ITV over lie detectors

The Jeremy Kyle Show's bosses have been criticised by MPs for putting guests through lie detector tests without knowing how accurate those tests were. Damian Collins MP, chair of the House of Commons culture select committee, said the producers' lack of expert knowledge was "astonishing". The committee opened an inquiry after Kyle's show was axed […]

Evening Standard: TV bosses grilled over Jeremy Kyle Show ‘exploitation’

ITV chiefs came under fire today in Parliament over alleged “exploitation” of guests on the Jeremy Kyle Show. The Commons digital, culture, media and sport committee demanded answers over how participants were selected, the accuracy of lie detector tests and guests reportedly signing away their rights over how they were represented on the show. ITV had asked the […]

BBC News: Fortnite makers grilled by MPs over game safety

The makers of Fortnite, one of the most popular video games ever, have been quizzed by MPs over what measures are taken to protect players of the game. Epic Games representatives were asked how it ensured users did not spend too much time or money on the game. Legal counsel Canon Pence said this was […]

The Sun: Qatar should be stripped of 2022 World Cup if votes were bought, says MP Damian Collins

Qatar should be stripped of the 2022 World Cup if it is proved votes were bought, claims MP Damian Collins. Former Uefa president and Fifa vice-president Michel Platini was released from police custody in the early hours of this morning after being detained yesterday. He was quizzed by French cops as part of a criminal probe […]

New Europe: The 5G development debate

Amid the debate between trans-Atlantic allies and beyond on the security challenges posed to 5G network development by Chinese suppliers, New Europe’s Andrianos Giannou had the chance to exchange views with Damian Collins MP, a Member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and one of the leading voices in this debate, as Chairman of […]

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