Failure to record Farah drug use ‘inexcusable’

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April 20, 2017
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April 20, 2017

The head of UK Athletics has admitted to an “inexcusable” failure by a team doctor to record an injection of a controversial supplement that he administered to Mo Farah.

Farah received an injection of L-carnitine, a legal supplement in doses of less than 50ml, before the 2014 London Marathon but it was not registered on either his doping control form or in his medical records.

Robin Chakraverty, who now works with the England football team and part-time for UK Athletics, said that the failure occurred because he had been “immensely busy” and travelling.

Ed Warner, the chairman of UK Athletics, told MPs that the incident had led to a shake-up in the sport’s processes. He also told the culture, media and sport select…


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