Football Governance Reformation Bill

On April 3rd 2014, I submitted a Bill to Parliament regarding the reformation of football governance in England. The Bill proposes that all football clubs in England would only be entitled to play in the top eight levels of professional and semi-professional if they publicly declare the ownership of the club. If enacted, the Bill would provide the FA with the power to prevent anyone from becoming the owner of a football club in England should they deem that they are not fit or proper to be the owner of a football club. This would prevent untrustworthy and corrupt people from becoming football club owners, which would greatly benefit the game.

The Bill also proposes that the current football first creditors rule in England should be abolished. The current rule allows clubs and players to be paid before any other creditors when a club goes into administration. My Bill proposes that there should be no preference amongst creditors of a football club

If accepted as a law, my bill would give the fans more of a say over how their club is run and would allow fans groups to create an organisation that would be able to take over a football club.

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