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A Way Forward for Football

By Damian Collins MP and Charlie Methven, co-owner of Sunderland AFC We may only have a few weeks to save professional football in this country as we know it. The shock of the COVID-19 crisis has badly exposed the weak financial position of clubs in the English Football League (EFL), many of whom were already […]

China’s lies about coronavirus could be costing the world hundreds of thousands of lives

Published in PoliticsHome on 28 April 2020 For the sake of China’s future status, it now needs to be an honest broker, and put the health of the world above internal politics and oppression. If the tragic coronavirus outbreak has taught us anything, it is the importance of the international community coming together. Each country […]

Ad industry can help to spread 'truth virus' in fight against fake news

Article written for Campaign - published 8 April 2020 There is no corner of the world that has been left untouched by the coronavirus. It is taking lives and may yet be the cause of the greatest economic crash since the great depression of the 1930s. Alongside this, we have seen another virulent and damaging […]

We must do more to police the spread of fake news and disinformation about Covid-19

Written for The House Magazine - published 4 April 2020 In response to this problem, I have launched a new service called Infotagion, enabling people to check information they see that doesn’t look right. The coronavirus is the first major public health crisis of the social media age. That is significant because whilst there has […]

Coronavirus lies are going viral. It’s essential we all fight back

Published in WIRED UK on 30 March 2020 The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared that there’s an “infodemic” of disinformation about coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world. We have all seen examples of this kind of content being shared in our friends and family networks on social media and through messaging apps. Examples include […]

Rethinking media regulation

Article written for Bright Blue's spring 2020 edition of Centre Write The most popular media for some of the most vulnerable people in society, our children, is the least regulated. For most social media accounts, you are required to be 13 to register to use the service, however there are no effective age verification tools […]

Facebook must not be allowed to dictate how it gets regulated

My piece for WIRED UK, published 20 February 2020 What happens on Facebook matters. The social network connects billions of users around the world, and is for many of them their principal way of receiving news and engaging with their community. When Facebook’s systems are exploited by Russia to interfere in elections, by extremists to […]

The BBC must look beyond the licence fee if it wants to hold viewers’ attention

Article written for The Times Red Box, published on 28 January 2020 When the next director-general of the BBC starts their duties in the summer, following the retirement of Lord Hall, they should look back to December to get a clear view of the problems that lie ahead. By this I don’t mean the result […]

Our electoral law is under threat in the digital age

As we face the prospect of a general election, we need to confront the fact that our electoral law is not fit for purpose in the digital age. Technology has created opportunities for people to campaign without revealing their identity, spend above restricted limits, and receive untraceable donations, including from overseas. We should introduce emergency […]

We need proper regulation in English football to stop bad owners running great clubs into the ground

The fans of Bury football club, one that has played in the football league for the last 125 years and won the FA Cup twice, have seen their team expelled to the outer reaches of non-league football. The fate of Bolton Wanderers, a team that until seven years ago enjoyed an unbroken run of 11 seasons […]

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