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Daily Telegraph: Duty of Care laws ‘must prevent removal of legitimate news from social media’

Article by Mike Wright and Charles Hymas for the Daily Telegraph - published 14 December 2021 The Duty of Care Bill must protect news publishers from having articles removed from social media sites, MPs and peers have demanded. A joint parliamentary committee which has been examining the Government’s proposed internet laws, said bona fide journalistic […]

Financial Times: Force Big Tech to assess algorithms for harm they cause, say UK MPs

Article by Cristina Criddle, Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe and Madhumita Murgia for the Financial Times - published 14 December 2021 The UK should force social media companies to assess and report the harm caused by their algorithms, a parliamentary committee has recommended ahead of new laws to improve online safety. The recommendations came days after the photo-sharing app Instagram said it […]

The Times: Online Safety Bill to outlaw financial scams and cyberflashing

Article by Tom Knowles for the Times - published on 14 December 2021 Scam financial adverts, “cyberflashing” and encouraging people to self-harm on social media are all expected to be made illegal after a group of MPs and peers said they should be included in a new bill designed to “call time on the Wild […]

The Guardian: MPs call for online safety bill overhaul to protect children and penalise tech firms

Article by Dan Milmo for the Guardian - published 14 December 2021 Britain’s online safety bill needs a sweeping overhaul to prevent children from accessing pornography, vulnerable people from being encouraged to commit self-harm and negligent tech chiefs from failing to protect users, according to a committee of MPs and peers. A wide-ranging series of proposals to […]

Daily Mail: MPs launch rallying cry to spare children from online porn

Article by Jim Norton for the Daily Mail - published 14 December 2021 All pornography websites should have a legal duty to prevent children from accessing them, MPs and peers say today. A parliamentary committee also called for criminal offences to be created including the promotion of self-harm, ‘cyberflashing’ – sending unwanted obscene pictures – […]

Belfast Telegraph: Online Safety Bill ‘needs major changes’ to hold tech firms to account

Article by Martyn Landi for PA / Belfast Telegraph - published 13 December 2021 MPs and peers have called for “major changes” to the draft Online Safety Bill to “call time on the Wild West online”. The Joint Committee on the Draft Online Safety Bill said more offences needed to be covered, including paid-for scam […]

Daily Telegraph: Self-harm is revered on social media, says MP’s teenage daughter

Article by Charles Hymas for the Daily Telegraph - published 31 October 2021 Self-harm is revered on social media, says an MP’s daughter whose experiences have inspired his fight to crack down on tech giants.  In an article for The Telegraph, Claudia Collins, 14, said self-harm content was still “as dominant as ever” on social […]

The Guardian: Facebook cannot moderate itself - its problems have only just begun

Article by Chris Stokel-Walker for the Guardian - published 26 October 2021 This week will be a long, difficult one for Facebook. Yesterday whistleblower Frances Haugen answered questions about its business practices before MPs in a parliamentary hearing, which comes after another whistleblower revealed further issues to American authorities about the company. Haugen’s testimony has clearly rattled Facebook, prompting […]

LBC: Facebook and Instagram 'allow bullying to follow children home', whistleblower claims

Article by Sophie Barnett for LBC - published 25 October 2021 The committee is scrutinising plans for an Online Safety Bill and is also considering new laws - to better regulate technology companies. Former data scientist at Facebook, Frances Haugen, left the business earlier this year after releasing thousands of sensitive documents about the company's practices. […]

Metro: Facebook whistleblower to appear in front of MPs today

Article by Jamie Harris for Metro - published 25 October 2021 The inner workings of Facebook are set to be laid bare by a whistleblower once again on Monday as MPs in the UK prepare to take evidence. Former Facebook employee Frances Haugen has made numerous blistering claims about the tech giant since releasing thousands of […]

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