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Southern Water

I was shocked to see the result this week of the investigation by the water and sewage regulator Ofwat, into Southern Water’s business practices over a seven-year period, from 2010 to 2017. The company has been hit with a record fine of £126m as a punishment for spills of wastewater into the environment from its […]

Our Next Prime Minister

This week the Conservative Party Members of Parliament will choose the final two candidates to be its new leader and our next Prime Minister. There will then follow a ballot of all party members across the country to choose the winner; this election is due to be completed by 20th July. At the time of […]

Conservative Party Leadership Contest

On Thursday this week the Conservative Party will start the process of electing its next leader and our new Prime Minister. I believe that person must be someone with the drive, personality and intelligence to solve the greatest political crisis Britain has faced in decades. One that has seen the Brexit deadlock shake our public […]


Last Friday I met with representatives from the resident’s associations covering central Folkestone, The Leas and The Bayle, to discuss policing in the town. They have raised concerns with me about street crimes and drug related offences in the town centre and harbour areas, in particular, and what more can be done to prevent them. […]

Local Elections

We should respect all people who are prepared to put themselves forward for public service as an elected representative. In taking that step candidates open themselves up for scrutiny, debate and criticism, and of course the final public judgement of their actions at the ballot box. This is not something that everyone would be prepared […]

Investment in Folkestone & Hythe

Over the last eight years we have seen a tremendous change in investment into our district for new homes and businesses. This has created new jobs and opportunities as well as supporting the regeneration of the harbour and old town areas of Folkestone in particular. Much of this has been led by private investors, not […]

Notre Dame

It was tragic that Easter week should start with the devastating fire that engulfed the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. Mercifully, the external structure of the building has survived, even though the roof and spire were destroyed, along with many precious artefacts. This iconic church was founded in 1163 and has withstood more than 850 […]

The Shed

For each week over the last few months another critical decision on Brexit seems to have been brought forward. I know from speaking to people right across the constituency last week, at events from Dungeness to Folkestone, and Hythe to Stelling Minnis that we desperately need to find resolution on this. At the time of […]


As it stands, the default legal position is that the UK will leave the EU without a deal on 12th April. So far, all attempts to find a consensus for a deal in the House of Commons have failed. At the time of writing this article the Prime Minister’s withdrawal agreement has been defeated three […]

Delivering Brexit

We’ve got to get on with Brexit. We cannot continue going round and round in circles discussing and debating the Prime Minister’s deal when it is clear there is not enough support in the House of Commons for it to pass. The consequence of this political fact, which has been clear since before Christmas, is […]

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