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We can say 'yes' to Dungeness

This morning I will be attending the public meeting in Lydd on the future of Dungeness power station. Some people have said that as the Government has decided not to proceed with granting permission for a new nuclear power station to be built at Dungeness, that there is nothing we can do to change their […]

Have your say on the future of Dungeness

There will be a public meeting on Saturday to allow everyone the chance to have their say on the future of Dungeness, and the potential for a new power station there. This meeing has been called by Cllr David Kersey the Mayor of Lydd, and will be held at 11am on Saturday 13th February at […]

Supporting Play for Elham

Play for Elham is campaigning to improve the play facilities available for children in the Elham Valley area. I've been happy to led them my support in their appeal for funding for the refurbishment of the King George V playground in Elham. In part out of vested interest, as my young children will benefit from […]

Damian Collins candidate's diary

My diary for last week was published on on Monday, but for those of you who haven't seen it i've reproduced it here. Monday 11th to Sunday 17th January 2010   This week we have been battling with the elements in East Kent, but a week which started with thick snow on the ground […]

New approach required to stop the 'Stack Attack'

The first real cold snap of the winter has brought with it the sadly typical traffic chaos. The major disruptions were caused by the closure of the Channel Tunnel and made worse by the cold and icy driving conditions. Operation Stack was enforced, and lorries were parked on the M20 and along the A20. Eurostar […]

Damian welcomes Jeremy Hunt to Folkestone's Creative Quarter

Yesterday I invited the Shadow Culture Media and Sport Secretary of State, Jeremy Hunt, to visit the Creative Quarter and Creative Foundation in Folkestone. We were given a tour by the Foundation's Artistic Director, Nick Ewbank, and Trevor Minter from the Folkestone Harbour Company. This included visiting Shane Record's gallery in the Old High Street, […]

Should today be a public holiday?

Earlier in the year I raised the idea of making 11th November a public holiday as a memorial to the sacrifices in war of all service personnel. Following that article hundreds of people have expressed there support for the idea. Nearly 400 people joined the support group on Facebook and over 200 people voted in […]

The future of Dungeness is in doubt

Today the Government has produced a short list of ten sites that would be suitable for new nuclear power stations, but excluded Dungeness from that list. A new nuclear power station at Dungeness could create up to 1000 jobs and be a considerable boost to the local economy for years. We need to understand more […]

Manchester monuments and the brave new world

I have written an article for Crossbow magazine which has been published at the Conservative Party conference by the Bow Group. I've included the text of the article below. At the base of a cross in the former St John’s churchyard in central Manchester lies the small memorial of a man who arguably helped to […]

Speaking at fringe event on low carbon economy at 7.30pm

I've been invited to speak at a fringe event at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester at 7.30pm this evening. The event will debate the steps being taken by businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and the role that Government can play helping them. You can find the details of this event below. If you […]

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